SAC has specialized teams that uniquely serve marginalized and underserved communities. Our current teams are Black Client Services, Hispanic Client Services & Sex Positive Client Services.

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Black Client Services

Mission: To provide culturally specific trauma-informed services to individuals, families, and institutions in the Black community that have been historically marginalized and continue to be victimized on a systemic, societal, relational, and individual level.  


  1. Continue and expand dialogue with the African American community by hosting events and workshops about sexual violence and attitudes about sex in order to reduce stigma/shame, increasing the likelihood of individuals seeking available treatment—leading to healing in the community. 
  2. Sustain and grow a continued gathering of individuals who engage in therapeutic services, which will provide a continued support/safe space for African American survivors in the community. 
  3. Expand outreach to Historically Black Colleges/Universities (HBCUs) and Black Churches and provide them with a menu of our services through our Black Client Service Committee.
  4. Begin to monitor Black clients who seek services at SAC to ensure that they are getting the appropriate/relevant help needed—and are not waitlisted for extended durations of time. 

Hispanic Client Services

Mission: To serve and empower Latinx/Hispanic individuals and families who have been impacted by sexual violence, cycles of violence, and other forms of oppression by providing cultural and trauma-informed clinical services, advocacy services, crisis intervention, prevention/training services, and community outreach.   


  1. Build trust and rapport within the Latinx/Hispanic community for individuals to seek support throughout their healing process, and to create a safe space to continue dialogue surrounding the impact of sexual violence.
  2. Promote culturally, linguistically, and trauma-informed services at the Sexual Assault Center to best serve Latinx/Hispanic individuals.
  3. Collaborate and partner with other organizations to increase support for the Latinx/Hispanic community.
  4. Provide trainings, tools, and resources to community members to equip individuals and professionals to better serve the Latinx/Hispanic community.
  5. Engage in ongoing professional development to better serve the Latinx/Hispanic community. 

Sex Positive Client Services

Mission: To serve sexual assault survivors who face pathologization and oppression based on gender, sexuality, and/or relationship style (including LGBTQIA+ people, ethical non-monogamists, sex work professionals, and BDSM practitioners) through trauma-informed & sex-positive clinical services, education, and advocacy efforts.

“Sex-Positive” Defined: A stance that regards all experiences and expressions of gender, relationship style, and consensual sexuality as deserving of respect and non-judgment.


  1. Provide workshops and trainings for community members to increase knowledge about and support for survivors who identify as LGBTQIA+, ethical non-monogamists, sex work professionals, and/or BDSM practitioners.
  2. Support local, state, and federal advocacy efforts to empower and protect members of these communities.
  3. Build collaborative relationships with local organizations to increase regional support for members of these communities. 
  4. Promote sex-positive and evidence-based practices for all SAC departments in order to best serve members of these communities.


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