ADVOCACY Accompaniment for medical, police, court procedures, and supportive crisis intervention.


PARENTS & CAREGIVERS Safety and Support for Caregivers


SAFE CLINIC A safe place for victims of recent sexual assault to receive a Medical Legal Exam & resources.


THERAPY Trauma-informed therapy uses current research & provides healing for the whole person.


TRAINING & COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT We regularly provide training for professionals working with survivors of sexual assault.


DONATE Help bring hope and healing to survivors of sexual abuse and assault. We can’t do it without you!


To provide healing for children, adults and families affected by sexual assault and to end sexual violence through counseling, education and advocacy.


A world void of sexual violence.


It's one of our most important principles! We commit to maintain a safe space that is representative of and welcomes people from ALL backgrounds. Read some of our other values: Anti-Racism, Inclusivity, Compassion, Respect, Empowerment, Connectedness, and Integrity

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SAC's Response to Roe vs Wade

We understand that abortion is a very sensitive topic for many, rooted in deep beliefs and feelings that stem from personal experience to religious roots. Whether you fall firmly in one camp or find yourself somewhere in the middle, like most people, we humbly ask you consider reading and signing this petition brought to you by Sexual Assault Center, a non-profit organization serving victim/survivors of sexual assault and educating communities across the state.  We are a nonpartisan organization, as our work provides hope and healing to those impacted by sexual violence; our staff, clients, volunteers, and supporters have diverse backgrounds and beliefs and we respect each of them equally.   

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