The Sexual Assault Center provides trauma-informed therapy services, rooted in the most current research on trauma. We know that trauma impacts the whole person, and we use therapy approaches that provide healing for the whole person. Our therapy services include crisis intervention, individual therapy, and group therapy.


Therapy Process

Crisis Intervention

Our 24-Hour Crisis & Support Line is available for immediate assistance for ongoing support. The line is operated by trained staff and volunteers. Please call 866-811-RISE (7473) for immediate Crisis & Support Line services.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Individual therapy sessions are generally one-on-one sessions with you and your therapist that are about 45-50 minutes, and occur once a week.  Sometimes, these sessions may include other family members or people important to you, especially for younger children.  Individual therapy sessions are a part of your unique plan for healing, and include many types of trauma therapy options, based on your goals, your therapist's training and what works for you. SAC offers individual therapy from therapists who speak English and Spanish.

We provide therapy for:

  • Children and teens ages 3-17 who have been sexually abused
  • Children age 12 and younger with sexual behavior concerns
  • Adults who were sexually abused as children
  • Adults who were sexually abused or raped as adults
  • Adults and children who are impacted by the sexual abuse or assault of someone they care about.  Examples include non-offending caregivers, siblings, partners, and other family members.

Group Therapy Sessions

Therapy groups provide space for individuals to come together to learn and support each other.  Some groups are more focused on learning new helpful skills, while other groups are more focused on processing and support.  Therapy groups may be guided by therapists and advocates.  Groups are created based on the needs of current clients, referral sources, or callers interested in being in a group.  Some groups take several months to start to ensure that an appropriate number of members can be involved. All groups at SAC are closed, meaning once the group begins no new members can be added. This is done to provide the utmost healing, nurturing, and safe environment for group members.  The length of therapy groups usually varies from 6 weeks to 12 weeks, depending on the purpose and content of the group.  Groups are about 90 minutes, once per week.

SAC Trauma Therapy Approaches

All Therapists at the Sexual Assault Center have specialized training in trauma-informed, evidenced-based or informed therapies, enabling us to provide the highest quality therapy to our clients.  Some of our therapists have certifications or credentials in specific trauma therapy approaches.  


Therapy Approaches at SAC include:


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